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We create and distribute high quality content to help promote golf clubs and resorts, nationally and internationally, showcasing Irish Golf.

Time for a Change

Its time to ditch those dowdy yardage guides and treat yourself to the visual and verbal delights of AcaddieMe’s new golf offering.

Gold Standard

We aim to create content for viewers around the world that educates and enlightens in a manner that is visually awe-inspiring and enticing.

Personal Touch

We have a range of flexible packages to suit your requirements and budget, drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

Showcasing Irish Golf

If you haven’t got time for a practice round on a course you are going to play for the first time naturally you can rely on your golfing instinct to get you around the course. If you don’t trust your instinct, then use the invaluable advice of veteran tour caddie Colin Byrne to strategically guide you around the course from the comfort of your easy chair.

Colin Byrne

Colin Byrne

Golf Director

Colin is bringing his experience of over three decades of advising and observing the worlds best professionals to the average golfer in order to improve how they look at a golf course and ultimately to get them around the course in as few shots as possible.

Cathal Leonard

Cathal Leonard

Managing Director

Cathal has over twenty years’ experience in sales, business development, marketing, product development, digital creation and editing.  Cathal is also licenced by the Irish Aviation Authority to operate and pilot RPAS (Drones) commercially In Ireland.

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