Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Aaliya Orders Gayatri To Show Her Face

Apr 6, 2021 My Blog

The Episode begins with Pandit ji disclosing to Alia that the marriage shouldn’t occur now as the mandap is demolished. Aaliya faults Gayatri for tossing the things. Pallavi faults Gayatri while Vikram thinks it is acceptable. Dadi says Pandit ji told that this marriage isn’t possible, as unpropitious thing occurred and the marriage won’t work for over a month. Tanu tells that she will wed and requests that Abhi concur for marriage, and tells that she will give him chocolate. Mitali says the two of them concur. Pallavi says they will set the mandap. Rhea hits Bahadur to set up the mandap. Vikram attempts to converse with Aaliya and tells that this marriage will not occur. Aaliya tells that they are taught individuals and will not put stock in dazzle confidence. Pallavi says mandap is set up once more. Tanu says she will demonstrate and make this marriage work for her entire life. Abhi demands to put on something else he won’t wed. Tanu requests that Aaliya get his garments changed. Aaliya requests that Abhi go with Gayatri and help him put on something else.

Prachi takes a gander at Ranbir’s pic and cries, tells that she remembered him and their minutes, she had experienced those minutes. Pragya cleans Abhi’s Sherwani. Ranbir requests that she accomplish something and stop the marriage. Abhi says he will wed Tanu and afterward he will get chocolate, frozen yogurt and toys. Pragya says he is demanding to wed and won’t concur. Ranbir says so you will allow this union with occur. He says Rhea went to get water from refrigerator and isn’t pestered. Pragya goes out to stop Rhea. Aaliya crashes into her and inquires as to whether all is great. Pragya says yes. Ranbir goes behind Pragya. Aaliya requests that Abhi come as there is party after marriage. Ranbir asks where is she going? Pragya says Rhea, as ice chest had cut off days prior. Ranbir gets a plan to do short out to stop the marriage.

Aaliya brings Abhi out and requests that Pandit ji complete the marriage quick. She thinks she needs her joy which is in the papers. Pragya and Ranbir go to the power meter room. He takes out the wire, yet light is still there. Mitali goes to get mangalsutra and hears commotion coming from the meter room. She is coming there. Pandit ji requests that a few older folks tie the ghatbandhan. Dadi ties the ghatbandhan reluctantly. Mitali sees the impression of Pragya and thinks criminal has come. She sees a brief look at Pragya and swoons. Ranbir cuts the wire and the power gets turned on off. Abhi gets frightened and requests that Dadi call Gayu. Rhea goes to the kitchen and gets water from the container. She gets stressed for Abhi and goes out. Abhi says I am getting rest. Vikram reveals to Aaliya that there is a light in his home, might be short out in the house. Aaliya calls the power dept, however he turns off the lights. Rhea comes there and reveals to Vikram that his home light is on. Vikram goes to check. Aaliya asks bahadur to bring the candles. Tanu reveals to Pallavi that her make up is demolishing and never really finish up. Mitali strikes the match stick and says Pragya… I have seen you. Ranbir blows on the match stick and snickers… Mitali gets frightened. Pragya and Ranbir disappear from that point. Ranbir says marriage won’t occur. Pragya says your boss should be concerned and says gives up. Mitali runs from that point.

Rhea comes to Abhi and inquires as to whether he is frightened of dimness. Abhi inquires as to whether she is terrified and says assuming you feel frightened, tell Gayu, she will help you. He says Gayu is my dearest companion. Rhea asks would i be able to turn into your closest companion. Abhi says he has two closest companions effectively, one is Gayu and different was in earthy colored coat. Rhea says Ranbir. Abhi says he makes everybody wear ring. Mitali reveals to Aaliya that she has seen apparition and afterward says Pragya. Aaliya gets far fetched, yet piles of garbage her questions and requests that she get mangalsutra. Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi inquires as to whether she will have chocolate. Pragya thinks Aaliya is exploiting her circumstance. She gets some information about the mahurat time. Pandit ji says more 30 mins. Aaliya says marriage will occur in 30 mins. Judge demands to go. Aaliya requests that he accomplish the work done and complete the paper conventions. Power returns. Vikram comes there and sees Ranbir and Pragya going. Ranbir requests that Pragya prevent Aaliya from going to room and he goes to the room. Pragya requests that Aaliya stop the marriage else she will go to prison. Aaliya asks who are you to stop the marriage and requests that she show her face.kumkum bhagya upcoming twist